Warum Eheringe im Sommer zu eng sein können - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonMay 4, 20230 comments
Why wedding rings can be too tight in summer
Summer is a beautiful time of year and offers many opportunities to spend time outdoors. However, it is important to remember that the summer heat can have a negative effect...
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Ringavulsion: Wie Sie Verletzungen vermeiden können - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonMay 1, 20230 comments
Ring avulsion: How to avoid injuries
Ring avulsions are a common injury that can be caused by wearing rings. In this article, you will learn what ring avulsions are, how they occur, and how to avoid...
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Ringverletzungen: Wie Sie sich schützen können - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonApr 30, 20230 comments
Ring injuries: How to protect yourself
Rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry and are worn by many people every day. However, they can also be dangerous and lead to ring injuries. In...
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Die 10 Besten Ringe im Jahr 2023 - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonApr 26, 20230 comments
The 10 Best Rings in 2023
Rings are a timeless and important accessory for women and men. In 2023, many new trends in jewelry await us. Choosing the right materials for rings is essential for the...
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Warum Eheringe Schmerzen können - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonApr 25, 20230 comments
Why wedding rings can cause pain
Wedding rings are a symbol of the bond between two people and are often worn as a testament to their love for each other. However, sometimes wearing wedding rings can...
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Ultimativer Guide: Der perfekte Ehering für den Mann - SOLID RINGS
Jannik OlßonFeb 25, 20230 comments
Ultimate Guide: The perfect wedding ring for men
Options such as gold, silver or platinum are also popular for men's wedding rings. However, these materials can be very expensive and not fit everyone's budget. Also, these rings often...
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