Unusual wedding rings – rings made of wood or carbon?

When looking for the perfect wedding ring, you not only come across countless shapes and variants, but the materials used in wedding rings also vary greatly these days. The classics and often first choice are wedding rings made of stainless steel, platinum or even gold. But are these materials really the best for wedding rings?

In addition to the materials just mentioned, there are many other alternatives that you should not ignore. We are talking about exceptional wedding rings. If you as a bride and groom are still looking for a suitable ring, this type of material could be exactly the right choice. To make your decision easier, we have taken a closer look at the different materials for exceptional wedding rings and compared them.

What is important when choosing the material for a wedding ring?

In addition to the fit and skin compatibility, the durability of a material also plays a major role in the selection. After all, you want to get as much use out of your ring as possible and not have to replace it with a new one after just a few years. Last but not least, your personal taste is the deciding factor when choosing a ring.

Expensive materials appear exclusive and special, and durability has a particularly practical benefit. Only you can decide personally and individually which material is perfect for your ring.

Light and unique: wedding rings made of carbon

The material is better known from vehicle construction and industry, but can also be used for jewelry. Carbon is a particularly light and at the same time very durable metal.

A carbon ring is therefore lighter than a conventional wedding ring and at the same time very robust. The material is often combined with other precious metals. However, the strength of the material can have a negative effect on the fit and comfort.

Here, for example, a carbon wedding ring with special titanium-gold decoration:

Wedding rings in titanium gold and carbon in jeweler quality

Wooden wedding rings – the natural choice

This material certainly divides many opinions. The symbolism is unique and only personal taste can decide whether it is a hit or a flop. However, we would like to give you some objective facts about wooden rings.

Wooden rings are truly unique: each ring has its own unique grain and texture. However, the material is inferior to other wedding rings in terms of fit and durability. In addition, scratches or dents on wooden rings become more visible more quickly than with silicone or metal.

You can find a beautiful selection of wedding rings with wooden elements at Glamira, for example.

Perfect for every bride and groom: silicone wedding rings

Silicone is excellent for making rings. Not only does the material offer unique malleability and fit, the rings offer a unique fit and can be made in any shape, size and color. The material is very inexpensive compared to the countless possibilities.

Unlike classic wedding rings, you don't have to take silicone rings off when you're exercising or at work. The material fits so comfortably and naturally against the skin that you can barely feel the ring. Last but not least, the material is non-porous, non-conductive and hypoallergenic. This makes silicone rings the clear number one among wedding rings.

You can find silicone wedding rings here .