Rings and jewelry for rheumatism

Rings and hand jewelry are generally not recommended for people suffering from rheumatism. However, there is an alternative that is comfortable and flexible.

What exactly is rheumatism?

Rhema is the umbrella term for a specific disease. However, the general term often refers to the more precise term "rheumatoid arthritis". It is the most common inflammatory joint disease. Researchers are still not 100% sure what exactly causes this disease. Genetic factors, but also viruses or bacteria can be seen as the cause. What is certain, however, is that smoking definitely increases the risk.

What exactly happens with rheumatism?

Human joints are surrounded by an inner lining. This encloses the joint cavity. It is precisely this inner lining that becomes inflamed and swollen. This makes moving the joint very painful, even impossible. The swelling can also lead to corresponding deformations.

Rings for rheumatism patients:

Due to the sensitivity of the hand/finger joints, classic metal rings are not recommended for rheumatism patients! Nevertheless, many sufferers would like to be able to continue wearing a wedding or partner ring.

A suitable alternative are flexible rings made of medical silicone.
The stretchy material makes it easier to put on and take off the ring. It also protects against ring avulsion and pain.

These rings are available in different colors and shapes, including a classic wedding ring in classic gold or silver.

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