Wearing your wedding ring during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a special time for couples. But there are also a few unanswered questions. For example: Should I wear my wedding ring during pregnancy?

What speaks against it?

During pregnancy, weight gain and therefore the fingers widen often occur. This can quickly lead to the wedding ring no longer fitting. If the ring is not removed in time, the ring finger can become constricted.

However, it is not just the weight gain that plays a role. Often, the fingers also swell at times during pregnancy. Wearing a wedding ring is particularly uncomfortable in these cases.

We therefore recommend that you do not wear your wedding ring during your pregnancy or switch to a flexible ring. There is already a large selection of comfortable and stretchy rings that can be worn during pregnancy.

Here you will find a selection of flexible rings .

After pregnancy

Even after pregnancy, the width of the finger often fluctuates greatly. The wedding ring can therefore often still be too small, or sometimes very uncomfortable due to weight fluctuations.

In addition, babies want to put a lot of things in their mouths, especially in the first few months, due to the oral phase. A metal wedding ring can pose a danger to the newborn.

Caution is also advised during the teething phase ! During this time, babies are likely to bite their mother's or father's fingers or hands. Please do not wear a metal wedding ring during this time! Either switch to a flexible ring made of medical silicone, or do not wear a wedding ring at all.

Conclusion: Wearing a wedding ring during pregnancy can be painful and uncomfortable. Even after the baby is born, the metal wedding ring represents a source of danger. We therefore recommend using a flexible ring made of medical silicone, or not wearing a ring at all.

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