Flexible finger rings - The comfortable alternative

Comfortable and flexible rings have been trendy for some time. More and more people are discovering the comfortable alternative to the classic metal ring. We show the advantages of elastic rings.

Why flexible rings?

The first metal rings are over 21,000 years old. But why has the material only changed in recent years? Until the beginning of the 21st century, it was unthinkable to make the classic finger ring out of anything other than gold or silver.

But recently, more and more people have discovered that a flexible (wedding) ring has many advantages.

Advantages of a flexible ring:

  1. Protection against crushing
    Be it when shaking hands, at work, or in everyday life, a normal metal ring can quickly become a cause of pain.
    hand with pain symbol squeezing wedding ring
  2. Protection against ring avulsion
    Not only pain is a big problem, but also the consequences of serious injuries. Ring avulsion is an injury in which the nerves and muscles are partially or completely severed. This type of injury is caused by strong force being applied to the ring. For example, by getting caught on an object.
    Symbol Ring Avulsion
  3. Can be worn during sports
    Often the classic wedding ring has to be removed when exercising. Flexible wedding rings have the advantage that they can be worn in any situation. Whether in the gym doing weight training or in the sports hall playing handball! With a flexible ring you can show your connection to your partner at any time.
    Men's hand with wedding ring playing tennis

  4. Inexpensive
    The price of a normal gold metal ring usually starts at around €500. If you are looking for a comfortable and cheaper alternative, the new flexible rings are the right choice. These often start at around €30.

  5. Perfect for swollen hands
    During pregnancy, it is common for fingers to swell due to water retention or weight gain. But normal temperature differences also often cause a change in finger width. A metal ring can then quickly cause pain. A flexible ring adapts to the change in the finger.

  6. Protects your baby's teeth
    Babies and toddlers put almost everything in their mouths during their oral phase. This often includes their parents' fingers. A metal ring can be harmful to the child's teeth. A flexible ring made of medical silicone is recommended.
    Woman hand with flexible wedding ring holding the hand of a baby

  7. No more fear of loss
    It can happen quickly that you lose a ring, especially on vacation or during leisure activities. A classic wedding ring can cost over €1,000. A flexible and inexpensive ring is particularly suitable in such situations. This way you can fully enjoy the moment without worrying about losing the ring.


A flexible ring is a very good alternative for anyone who does sports, goes on vacation, or has small children. The comfortable and inexpensive rings also protect against injuries and are easy on the wallet.

You can find a selection of flexible rings here .

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