Never do these 10 things when wearing your wedding ring!

Anyone who has ever worn a wedding ring or engagement ring knows that there are certain situations in which wearing a wedding ring is not ideal. It can even be dangerous and extremely uncomfortable! In these 10 situations, you should not wear a wedding ring, but rather choose the alternative listed below.

  1. Activities on the water
    Boating, river rafting, kayaking - and so on. These activities often involve contact with cold water. This causes your hands to contract and shrink a little. The technical term for this is "vasoconstriction". Basically, when it's cold, body heat is used to protect the core of the body. This means that the fingers and other parts of the body do not receive as much blood and therefore shrink a little. In combination with the sliding function of the water, this can quickly cause the expensive wedding ring or engagement ring to slip off your finger.
  2. Gardening
    There are three obvious reasons for this. Firstly, dirt and soil can easily get between your hand and the ring, causing small injuries. Secondly, the small stones in the soil continue to roughen the surface of the metal ring. This makes the ring look very unsightly. Thirdly, you can easily lose your ring without noticing. Having to search for the ring in a completely dug-up garden after work is anything but pleasant.
  3. wash the dishes
    Here again, there are two horror scenarios: Firstly, the ring can quickly slip off your finger due to the sliding detergent and, in the worst case, fall into the drain. Secondly, the metal ring causes micro-scratches, especially on glasses, which quickly make the glass appear "milky".
  4. Working with cleaning agents
    Strong chemicals or cleaning products can damage the appearance of your ring. This is especially a problem with women's rings with diamonds or precious gemstones. Chemicals can stain your diamond and even damage colored gemstones. If you have a flat ring, gloves may be enough to protect your hands and your ring. However, if you have diamonds or other gemstones that stand out from the surface of the ring, gloves are very uncomfortable.
  5. Sports
    From basketball to handball to countless other sports, people have lost their fingers while wearing traditional wedding rings. This is called ring avulsion and over 150,000 people lose their fingers each year. The only safe option is to take the ring off when playing sports. Another alternative is a silicone ring, which won't take your finger with it if it gets caught on something. It's also much more comfortable when playing sports.
  6. Fitness Training
    When you're working out at the gym, the last thing you want to do is damage your expensive ring or risk injury (ring tearing). Not to mention, you don't want a 25-pound dumbbell touching your rock or ring. Of course, there's also the following scenario you definitely don't want: Someone hitting on you and you feeling uncomfortable because you're not wearing your ring. In that case, silicone wedding bands are probably your best bet.
  7. Bake
    When baking or working with sticky foods
    Dough, syrup, etc. can be particularly damaging to wedding rings. Sticky foods and wedding rings don't mix well. Similar to gardening, residues can get stuck in cracks and are very difficult to remove.
  8. Operating heavy machinery
    If you work in an industry that requires a lot of manual work or operating machinery, such as construction, woodworking, electrical work, etc., you should remove your wedding ring or replace it with something non-conductive.
  9. To put cream on the hands
    Lotions and creams can cause unwanted deposits that tarnish the appearance of your wedding ring. However, deposits are much worse for your skin, which can even swell due to constant contact.
  10. While sleeping
    No, this is not a joke! There have been many cases where sleeping with a wedding ring on has resulted in injuries. This scenario affects women more than men, often because of the size and shape of their rings. It is not a good idea to sleep with the ring on as it increases the risk of it getting caught in your hair or on the bedclothes and waking up with scratches, some of which are more painful or visible than others.

The safe alternative

Taking the ring off is not always ideal or comfortable. Some people have a job that doesn't allow them to wear metal rings. Others work out so often that they hardly get a chance to wear their rings. Some people suffer from swelling, nickel allergies or skin sensitivity and can't wear their ring for these reasons. The good news? There is an alternative like the SOLID RINGS , which are made from high quality medical grade silicone. They are inexpensive and can be worn on any occasion. Plus, they are much safer than traditional wedding rings for each of these scenarios. They are definitely worth trying!

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