Tips for storing your wedding ring while exercising

Why keep / take off the ring?

Both women and men take off the ring when exercising (gym, cycling, etc.). There are several reasons for this:

  1. Risk of injury from the ring during sports
    Both the wearer himself and any teammates or opponents can easily be injured by the metal ring (more on the subject of injuries: What is ring avulsion? ). The wearer gets caught on something, or you catch your friend in the face with your hand, which can definitely end dangerously because of the metal ring.
  2. Fear of losing the ring
    The engagement ring, but also the wedding ring, is usually of higher value and often exceeds the four-digit euro range. The ring also has a very high emotional value. It is associated with the moment the proposal was made, or the special moment when the rings were exchanged at the wedding.
  3. The ring is uncomfortable
    In many sports, the ring is not only dangerous, but also very uncomfortable. The ring can put a lot of pressure on you, especially when doing weight training or spinning/cycling.

Where to put the ring?

It is clear that the ring should be taken off when exercising. But where should you put your precious wedding ring or engagement ring?

Many fitness studios have the option of a lockable locker or compartment. The ring can be left there without any worries.

If there is no locker or the sport takes place outside, the situation is more difficult...
We would definitely not recommend putting the ring "loosely" in your gym bag or "just leaving it somewhere". The risk of loss or even theft is far too high.
If available, you can place the ring in a small compartment inside your sports bag.
If you wear glasses, you can also put the ring in your glasses case . (But be careful: the ring can scratch your glasses.)
Some people also put the ring in their street shoes , as the likelihood of theft is very low. (- But please wash the ring thoroughly afterwards)

It is therefore best to leave your ring at home. You can store it safely in a ring box and find it quickly when you return.

Beautiful ring box for him & her

I still want to wear my ring while exercising!

Your ring symbolizes connection. It shows that you are already taken. Of course, you also want to wear this symbol when you do sports or go to the gym.

We therefore recommend switching to a flexible ring when exercising.
This has the following advantages:

  1. No risk of injury
    Because of the flexible material, there is no danger for the wearer or for those around them. If the wearer gets caught, the ring can stretch or tear.
  2. No more fear of loss
    Flexible rings are inexpensive! If the ring gets lost, it can easily be replaced. These rings cost between €20 and €40.
  3. Flexible rings are comfortable
    Whether you're doing weight training, athletics or shooting sports, the flexible ring adapts to your hand movements and doesn't put pressure on you.
  4. Symbol of solidarity
    With a flexible ring, you can show your connection with your partner even in the gym or during outdoor sports! Without endangering yourself or others, or limiting your wearing comfort.

Conclusion: The wedding ring or engagement ring should definitely be taken off when doing sports. If possible, the ring can be put in a locker. If this is not possible, it is recommended to leave the ring at home. The risk of loss (usually worth over €1,000) is simply too high. So switch to a flexible ring for sports and outdoor activities. It is a convenient, inexpensive and safe way to still show your commitment.

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