Getting a ring off your finger - 4 tips for at home

The ring is on your finger and you can't get it off?

First of all, you can rest assured! It is very common for the ring to suddenly be too small. The first thing to do is to find out the cause:

Possible causes are:

  • Pregnancy (water retention)
  • Very hot outside temperature
  • Weight gain

Depending on the cause, there are different possible solutions:


Hands often swell during pregnancy. This is due to additional water retention. It is therefore a temporary reaction of the body.

We recommend removing your wedding ring (if possible) before becoming pregnant and switching to an alternative ring.

Since the width of the fingers can change very often during pregnancy, we recommend a flexible ring .
This means the ring adapts naturally to the changes in your fingers.

And an additional advantage: As soon as the newborn is born, there is less risk of injury due to the soft and flexible ring. Babies and small children in particular like to put everything in their mouths. This of course also includes your fingers with the corresponding wedding ring.

Hot outside temperatures:

Another cause could be the ambient temperature. For example, are you on holiday in a place with high temperatures? Or have you been on the balcony for some time?

The heat causes the blood vessels to expand and the hands to swell.

Cooling your hands can help. Put your hand on an ice pack (frozen peas from the freezer are perfectly adequate). Alternatively, cold water from the tap will do the trick.

Weight gain:

If you gain weight, we recommend having the ring widened. However, if it is only a temporary weight gain (e.g. bulking phase in bodybuilding 😉) you can of course just wait until you reach your normal weight again. Here too, we recommend switching to a flexible ring.

How do I get the ring off?

It's already too late, the ring is still on your finger? You can't get it off? Here are some tips on how to get the ring off again:

  1. Cool hand / fingers
    The cold causes the blood vessels to contract and the ring can be removed.
  2. Soap
    Classic soap not only helps with washing your hands, but also reduces friction and makes things "slide" a little more.
  3. butter
    Instead of soap, butter is a great way to make it easier to get the ring off your finger.
  4. Thread trick
    A very effective method that is also used by emergency doctors is the thread method. A thread is threaded through the ring. The thread is then wrapped around the finger. As can be seen in the video here:

And to ensure that this doesn't happen again, we recommend a flexible ring . It looks deceptively similar - but much more comfortable and no more problems when taking it off.

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