Wear your wedding ring while playing sports?

The wedding ring is a sign of commitment. A clear signal that the person is already taken.

But what about sporting activities? Should you take off your wedding ring?

Man holding a tennis racket in his hand

What are the advantages of moving out?

Clearly: the issue of injuries!
Whether it's weight training, playing football or cycling, many people have been injured by their wedding ring. Bruises, bruises and even bone injuries. There are plenty of reports online.

But the ring is not only a risk of injury for the wearer. Team members or sports opponents can also be seriously injured by the metal ring.

What speaks against taking off your clothes?

Of course, you want to openly show your connection while exercising. Especially in the gym or during a spinning class, you often get hit on or asked to date someone. It is precisely in such a situation that wearing a wedding ring is of course an advantage. It does represent a certain additional hurdle.

The result:

Dating or not - you should take your ring off when playing sports. The risk of injury can even include tearing off your finger (ring avulsion). And that's definitely not worth wearing a ring!

But there is an alternative!

Wearing a flexible ring !
No injuries, no bruises! And yet a clear sign of solidarity.

There is a selection of comfortable and flexible rings here . Especially for sports.

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