What is ring avulsion?

What exactly is a ring avulsion? The short version: an injury to the finger. Such an injury often occurs when wearing rings.
Ring avulsion is also called "ring avulsion".

A typical case is when your wedding ring gets caught on something. This causes skin and nerves to be crushed and, in extreme cases, severed.

There are 3 stages of Ring Avulsion

Stage 1: The most harmless variant. The blood vessels of the finger are still intact after the incident. The finger's full functionality can be restored through minimal medical interventions.

Stage 2: The blood vessels are damaged. Blood no longer flows through the affected finger. A surgeon must be called immediately to reconnect the blood vessels.

Level 3: The most serious incident. In this case, we speak of an avulsion injury. The skin, muscles and nerves have been stripped from the bone. In the worst case, the finger is completely separated from the hand. It is questionable whether the finger or hand can be completely reattached. Even if it is possible to reattach it, the functionality of the finger will most likely be permanently limited.

Hand Pain Ring Avulsion

Particularly frequently affected

This injury is particularly common in the following occupations:

  • Craftsmen (carpenters, roofers, etc.)
  • Cleaning staff
  • Fire department
  • Military
  • Athletes
  • Fitness trainers & fitness enthusiasts

However, since a brief moment of carelessness is enough to cause this injury, it is of course also possible in many other areas.

What can you do about it?

Only prevention helps here! The cause is clearly the rigidity of the classic metal ring. The only two ways to protect yourself from ring avulsion are:

  1. Always take the ring off when working or playing sports. However, the risk still exists in everyday life.
  2. Switch to a flexible ring that stretches or breaks completely in an accident situation to protect the finger.

Where can I get a flexible ring?

The market for flexible rings is not particularly large. Despite the increasing number of accidents, the number of suppliers is small.

SOLID RINGS is one of the few providers in German-speaking countries. However, a wide selection of models, shapes and colors is offered here.

SOLID RINGS flexible rings for men and women
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